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Leora helped me update and revamp my resume after leaving my last job. I find little more daunting than the task of updating a resume, and so I reached out to Leora for help. She made the process easy and comfortable. She provided both global and specific tips on how to make my resume stronger, and helped me to feel confident about the end result.

I highly recommend using her services! ” 

Elana T-M

Leora is an incredible resource in helping create your resume, especially for veterans. She helped me break down and translate my military experience and achievements into a strong and competitive resume. This resume helped me secure a summer internship

with a prominent organization in Washington D.C. and an admission to a graduate program at George Washington University. Leora is patient and listens to your needs and concerns in order to tailor your resume to your needs.

I highly recommend Leora to everyone who is looking to bolster their resume, especially to veterans transitioning out of the military and seeking to start a new career.” 

Chris A.

I contacted Leora for help transitioning into a new career after 12 years as a lawyer.

I was apprehensive and not sure how to approach the process. Leora gave me clear, actionable advice that helped me make a plan to explore my interests, figure out what path I wanted to take for my new career, and pursue. She was a huge help and I’m very grateful. Leora is a tremendous resource for anyone trying to advance their career.” 


“Leora has been an outstanding partner with the Veterans Association at USC. She volunteered her time by hosting a series of five workshops to help student veterans prepare for a competitive career fair. During these workshops, she gave great insight and guidance on how to prepare for an interview, negotiate potential salaries, and create a resume that accurately reflects their experiences and accomplishments. Moreover, she has volunteered many hours to help veterans one on one to better understand their potential and future careers!” 
Chris A.

USC Veterans Association, President

“When I arrived in Texas I had a resume from TAP but wasn’t getting traction on my job search.  Leora showed me how to translate my military MOS into my civilian career. After my initial consult with Leora, I realized that my life in the military was extremely difficult to articulate in a civilian work setting.  She helped me to change military terms into civilian language, with her background working with veterans, she really understood how to make the switch.”

Joseph O.

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