Introductory Session

We’ll meet so I can learn more about your career search and we can identify next steps. This might include selecting an option from established services or developing a customized plan that works best for you. I’ll also provide some basic career search guidance.

30 minute session

Resume Creation

I’ll build your resume from scratch! We’ll spend our time together collecting your work history information such as work experience, dates, skills and learning about the type of role for which you’re applying. After our info session I’ll put your whole resume together, including personalized bullet points and formatting, and email you the finished product. 

1 hour session


TAP Resume Overhaul

If you created your resume in TAP,  I can help you rewrite and format it to get results from your civilian job search.  We will discuss what your MOS was, and what it looks like in the civilian workforce.  Alternatively, if you prefer to work in an entirely different capacity, we can tailor your resume to get you there.

1 hour session


Resume Review

If you feel like you’ve already got a strong resume, but aren’t getting calls, this might be right for you. We’ll review your resume together and I’ll make specific suggestions and provide instruction on changes you can make to catch a recruiter’s eye.

30 minute session

Interview Practice & Preparation

I’ll prepare for your mock interview by researching the specific position and company for which you’re interviewing to develop questions for our session. Then, we’ll have a practice interview where I’ll provide real-time feedback and coaching on likely interview questions. We’ll also review what to expect and general interview preparation tips.

1 hour session


Career Exploration Assessments

I’m a certified practitioner for two different Myers-Briggs assessments. I’ll administer the assessment to you in advance and then I’ll review your results and prepare to cover the insights with you. Choose from:
The Strong Interest Inventory® – This assessment dives deep into your personal interests so we can discover potential career or educational paths. 
The MBTI® – This assessment helps identify areas of strength and opportunity, helping to learn more about how you communicate, make decisions, handle conflict and other areas of workplace strengths and challenges.

1 hour session



Networking can be a challenge, especially if you’re not familiar with the current tools in use. We’ll start with LinkedIn profile creation and review, and I’ll help you identify and reach out to individuals to connect or request informational interviews.


30 minute session

Job Exploration & Search

Your career counseling session will start with my proprietary strategy for identifying transferable skills, then we’ll look at positions of interest and see how your skills can fit into the current job market. Or, I can also help you learn how to use job boards and identify positions of interest and match those with your qualifications.


30 minute session


Request a custom topic related to career development of your choice for your group.

1 hour session

$60- $150

Career Counseling by Leora