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Leora Opstelten

Career Counselor

Career counseling to set you apart

Job hunting or making a career change can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure where your skills fit into the market. I can help you define and pursue a path for a career you love with my personalized career counseling and guidance. My unique skills and exploration tactics help identify and highlight transferable skills, along with my background as a recruiter, make me the perfect career counselor to help you find and land a new position that’s right for you. 

My background as a career counselor and recruitment professional makes me uniquely qualified to help you find your dream job. Over the course of my career, I have developed a proprietary process through which I guide my clients to discover transferable skills and then narrow down industries and verticals that utilize those skills.

I have found it incredibly rewarding to volunteer at both the USC and UCLA Veteran’s Resource Centers. Helping veterans transition from the military into the civilian workforce has been an honor.  Helping veterans to transfer their military skill set into a civilian context is incredibly rewarding.  Whether you’re a veteran looking for your place, or simply seeking a new career path, I’m here to help. 


Myers Briggs Type Indicator

This assessment helps identify areas of strength and opportunity, helping to learn more about how you communicate, make decisions, handle conflict and other areas of workplace strengths and challenges.

Strong Interest Inventory

This assessment dives deep into your personal interests so we can discover potential career or educational paths.

Career Counseling by Leora